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December 30, 2008
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Cover Art: City and Country by LoveandCake Cover Art: City and Country by LoveandCake
Cover art for a game concept I had in mind for some time now...


I tried to put the Wii heading on the top,

like it was a real game :p

But, as you can see, I utterly failed :iconotlplz:

The game would be a lot like Animal Crossing,

but it would take place in the Mario Universe..! :shrug:

At the beginning you would take a personality test

to see if you're best suited for life as a City Slicker,

or life in the Country!

If you're a City kinda person, then you would move to Diamond City and work there and stuff.

The player would probably be like Mona, like you would work for Wario but do other various tasks day by day to make money :o

and if you end up as a Country kinda person,

than you'd move to the rural-like Toad Town and start something there.

I'm not sure what the player would do exactly.. .-. Probably be like Luigi there and fish and not exactly work and make money maybe..? I dunno. Either that or be a plumber X"D; But you'd meet Mario and Luigi and they'll be like Oh you should do this or that or whatever.. :faint:

As you can see this is a work in progress..

But maybe I'll make some sort of instruction booklet in the future..

not necessarily like tomorrow :"D I should say "the FAR future"

like many of my other projects :faint:

I like the pic in general, though.

It took forever, thats for sho @_@

I don't like Wario's pose though, his arms look weird :"D

I wish I noticed it when it was still a sketch, I saw it when I was coloring :p

I NEED A NAME FOR THIS GAME (shoots herself)

I was thinking something like "Mario Super [place noun here]"

8[ ...? eh?


City slickers would use cell phones to talk to friends!

Country people would send letters! Or "Snail Mail" as people in the city would call it.

In the city, there's a pizzeria on every corner!

In the country, there's a cute little lake to fish at!

The city's where busy business men work and wear ties!

The country's where humble farmers need to wear shady straw hats to keep the sun out of their eyes!!


All Characters (C) Nintendo
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Wariogirl-64 Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wario looks good in a tie.
Like my Mona for Super Smash Bros. 4 page if you want to see her fight on Wario's side and another female fighter. [link]
Negaishipping-King May 4, 2012
Cool work! ^^
wow! There is actually someone in teh universe that likes Wario as much as I do!!!
damn.... i wonder if someone who works at nintendo has seen this
kylexstanfan Jul 30, 2009
omg i love you,i havnt played wario ware in a long time and it was my fave wii game,ima go play it now
SilverKawaiiKirby Jul 18, 2009
This is really cute! And you're really good
Iliosct Jul 15, 2009
Super Mario Crossing.
Yeah no.
Super Mario Lifestlye? Lifestories?
"Alot Happens In Between Those Kidnappings"
I think it would be funny if, like, the shopkeeper in Diamond City looked the same as the shopkeeper in Mushroom City, but they constantly critisized how horrible the other one looks?
XD Just a thought...
God, now I'm obsessed with this idea...
im going to diamond city! :iconiloveitplz:
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